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Top Drivers


Shawn is founder and owner of Rhyde Transportation. Born and raised in Southern California, Shawn knows the SoCal roadways well. Shawn has an extreme passion for his business and he loves to get his hands dirty. You will often see Shawn out washing a car (thats why we call him the Chief Car Washer) or out behind the wheel taking passengers wherever they need to go.


Born in Mexico, Mely grew up in San Diego and graduated from Mountain Empire High School. In addition to English, Mely also speaks Spanish and is fluent in the German, Lebanese and Latin cultures.  This natural foodie knows both the best restaurants and hiking spots in the Greater San Diego area. Her favorite color is green—as in green lights.


Mariangeles (aka Angel) has lived in San Diego for 15 years. Her childhood was spent in Argentina where she developed her Spanish language skills. She now also speaks “Malbec” fluently—but never on the clock, of course. In her spare time, Mariangeles works on her bodybuilder physique, which is never affected by her penchant for cozying up to a good steak at any given opportunity.


Isabella is originally from France and speaks both English and French fluently. Parents often request her to pick up and drop off their children at school. She is friendly, reliable, and enthusiastic. For someone who has lived in France, Belgium, the West Indies, Manhattan, Florida, and Texas, Isabella knows the streets of San Diego very well! In fact, she can think like a traveler which translates well to superb customer service.


Robert hails from Northern Virginia. He graduated from San Diego State University in 2008 with a bachelor degree in Television, Film, and Media. After spending nearly a decade on Southern Californian roads, he knows where every good movie theatre is located—and can be spotted in line if a Fast & Furious flick is screening. Disclaimer: The movie franchise’s title has nothing to do with Robert’s personal driving style.


Lauren is a San Diego native who has lived all over the city including Bay Park, Clairemont, and North Park. A graduate of Clairemont High School, she has spent the last few decades in the central beach areas. Traditional office hours have always disagreed with adventurous Lauren, for she is as nocturnal as her cat named Chocolate. In her spare time Lauren can be found attempting to read the entire internet, she is very ambitious. You’ll be lucky if Lauren is your driver as she is as friendly as she looks.

Rhyde is not a taxi or shuttle service. Our drivers are clean, honest, and reliable. They are professionals who value your time. They have all passed criminal background checks, have clean driving records, have passed a drug and alcohol test, and are subject to random drug and alcohol screenings.